Top 10 profitable stalls in Exhibition events


Food Stalls – You can prefer the Season wise items

->Tattoo Stall – Tattoo Arts designs full crazy in Youth Nowadays, you can get more profits from these stalls

->Gaming Stalls – Games give relaxation, you can choose puzzle games, Spin the Wheel, Hoopla, Novelty, Fishing, Milk Churns, Ball the Clown, Tic Tac Toe and many more.

->Fashion Accessories –  Jewelry is the best friend for Girls, notable thing is these items should look trendy and at affordable  Prices.

->Promotional Stalls – The place where you can promote more about your business and get more traffic to your business.

->Handmade Products – Most of the people are interested in Handmade Products which are used for decorative purpose in Home

->Furniture models for Home & Office – If attractive models came to the market, most of the people are interested to buy for their houses & office. Try to put eye catchy models for the visitors

->Cosmetics & Beauty Products –  If you give trail for these products, Most people will try to buy

->Arts & Painting –  U can target the Art lovers

->Electronic Gadgets – an Upcoming variety of Gadgets are welcome.

These are Simple and more Profitable stalls for Events

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