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5 essential tips you need to know to get noticed at exhibitions this summer

Here are the 5 essential tips you need to know to get noticed at exhibitions this summer:

Plan, plan and plan some more. You can never do too much planning when it comes to exhibiting. Organisation and preparation will help to ensure the day goes smoothly, so pay attention to every little detail and plan for a range of worst-case scenarios (i.e. your car breaks down on the way) just in case.mostly plan for customer comfortability and providing minimum basic things to stall buyers.

Before you exhibit Caution are?

Define your objectives. Before you exhibit, it’s a good product to sit down and decide what you actually want to get out of the experience. Do you want to sell, to boost brand image, to reach a new market or to use the event as a networking exercise to make new contacts? Choose a goal, be specific about your targets and make sure you measure your progress/performance on the day.
Use your company colours to get attention. Colour is a great way to stand out from all the other exhibitors in your event tent, but it’s important to use the right ones. To create a strong image and the right associations in attendees’ minds, brand everything with your company colours.
Have something exciting to shout about. If you’ve got a new product or service to launch, a trade show is an ideal time to do it. Failing that, think of another ‘selling point’ – i.e. an exciting piece of news, a special offer or discount – to tell visitors about. If you can whip up a sense of excitement, a ‘buzz’, you are more likely to attract people to your stall and get them excited about your brand too.
Make your stand interactive. It’s easy to walk past an exhibition stall without approaching it, but an interactive element is harder to ignore. Examples of the kinds of things you can do include live social media feeds, TV screens, interactive props, product tasting and testing, workshops and demonstrations. There are so many options – so take your pick and be creative about it!

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