Sales at flea market

5 Tips to increase more sales at Flea Market 

5 Tips to increase more sales at Flea Market 
1.Provide More payment options
Nowadays customers have huge payment options.Some Customers want to pay through credit cards, some with checks, some with, if you can give customers an option, then you will get a chance to increase more sales.
2.Selling more by reasonable offers/prices
In flea markets, bargaining is a huge part of the business. by accepting their offers can help you to increase sales
3.Approachable Body Language

Most of the people in a flea market will be more likely to stop and look at your products if you look friendly and approachable.if they stop and look at your products, they’re more likely to buy. If you do not engage with passers-by, they will actually pass you by.

4.Standing Out in the Crowd
Your stall can be the main reason for potential customers. Choose a different type of stall which
looks nice and eye-catching, such that customers can notice your stall & make a point to stop.
5.Provide business cards for customers
Some customers at flea markets are not ready to buy there even if your product is good & stall looks great. so it’s better to provide your business cards to the customers.

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