Always connect with your customers, See how?

Always connect with your customers, See how?

Real Talk over Reel Talk!

Is engaging with your customers important?

Yes! It is.


*Connect with your customers. They are always right even if he/she is wrong.

*Emotionally engaging with the customers can shoot up your sales.

*The chances of you being recommended go high.

* They are more likely to become a regular customer.

A Few Tips:

_ _1) Put the customer at the forefront of everything you do.

Never take your customers for granted because they are the lifeblood of your company. From going above and beyond to make each of them feel special to helping them out even when it may not make sense, putting your customers first will help you increase your revenue in the long run.

2) Get closer to customers and listen to what they say.

If you don’t truly care about your customers, it will be hard for you to connect with them. When you care about people, you’ll naturally want to do your absolute best to help them out.

Listen to their feedback. Positive or Negative shall be tackled.

If it is a positive one, make sure you implement new ways to keep them connected and interested in being your customer.

If it is a negative one, do not panic. Improve the ways in which they are facing a problem and you shall get back on line!

So, How can you connect with your customers?

Conducting events, putting up stalls are a few ways to connect with your customers in the real world.

How do you do that? shall be your go-to place.

What BookMyStall is all about?

BookMyStall provides a platform to connect all event creators and stall buyers. They provide the network to get budget stalls for customers. BookMyStall works as a facilitator only, to pass information of Events and helps to get more stalls at budget prices to promote your business.

How it works?

Event Organizers can post their event details like venue, stall price, number of stalls, date and time on the website. Interested stall buyers will contact event organizers.

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