BMS Membership Program- Get Notify about every Event in your city

30 events in 30 days from BookMyStall

BookMyStall working endlessly for helping out stall Exhibitors with budget friendly stalls, has now come up with a new service for the users. We introduced, Membership plan for the stall Exhibitors which gives them the instant details of the exhibition or expo along with the event organizer details as SMS to the user.

What is it called ?

Membership plan 🙂

How much does it cost?

Rs.590/- for 12 months – For Stall Exhibitors

Rs.2,360/- for 12 months – For Brands, Companies, & Organizations.

What are the advantages ?

You have some amazing advantages having membership with BookMyStall.

  1. First minute message updates of the events as soon as the message is posted on the BookMyStall website.
  2. Along with the update, Event organizer number is shared instantly without any enquiry
  3. Last minute stall discounts if any given by the organizer

How many cities information is provided ?

With one membership one city’s complete information is provided.

What else are you waiting for then? Come join us and avail more opportunities from BookMyStall, we strive to create more flexible exhibition environment in INDIA.

Call our support team on 9703949871 to get more detailed information.

Get details on Membership Plan –

4 Thoughts to “BMS Membership Program- Get Notify about every Event in your city”

  1. Sudha. N

    I am from pune. Hiwever sonetimes i plan to setup a stall in hyderabad too. So will this membership plan help me provide about events info in hyd too

    1. yes madam, you can register for Hyderabad City Membership Plan to get all events listing in Bookmystall.

      Call our support team on 9703949871 for getting more details.

  2. Sonal

    I am interested in stall exhibitor . Please call me

    1. Plz share your mobile number to contact you.
      Call our support team on 9703949871.

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