Hyderabad Fest 2018

Exhibition in Greater Hyderabad Fest 2018

The city deserves to celebrate its greatness and bring all the stakeholders on a single platform to further the achievements and make people from inside and outside the city to feel
Hyderabad has risen as one of the leading cities of the world and the most major cities of India. From Charminar to the Hitec City, jewellery, software and IT services, artificial intelligence,
pharmaceuticals, defence, and aerospace, seeds, healthcare, and hospitality, gaming,
manufacturing, tourism, filmmaking and it has many more pearls in its glorious
Towards this goal, Hyderabad Fest 2018
is being organized, from 13.04.2018 to
22.04.2018 at the NTR Grounds, Indira
Park, Hyderabad.

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