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Happy Lohri Festival at BookMyStall

Happy Lohri Festival at BookMyStall:

Makara Sankranti, which is one of the most auspicious day for the religion of Hindus, and is celebrated in almost all parts of the country in myriad cultural forms, with great devotion, fervor & gaiety. The festival of Makara Sankranti traditionally coincides with the starting of the Sun’s northward journey (the Uttarayan) when it enters the sign of Makara (the Capricorn). It falls on the 14th of January every year. Lakhs of people take a dip in places like the Prayag and Ganga Sagar and pray to Lord Sun.

Happy Lohri-Festival at -BookMyStall
Happy Lohri Festival

1) Haryana and Delhi:

Kites are an intrinsic part of Sankranti celebrations in Harayana and Delhi, so are delicacies made like til ladoo, rewadi, gajak, peanuts. Another festive preparation of Sankranti celebration of Haryana is churma of ghee, atta, and nuts.

2) Uttar Pradesh:

People gather from different parts of the country for the ever-so magnanimous Maagh Mela, an annual gathering in Prayag, on the banks of Triveni Sangam. While some take the holy dip in the Ganges, some simply enjoy the lavish fair, stalls, and delicious foods on offer. In other parts of Uttar Pradesh too, Sankranti is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, people eat the variety of delicacies like chikki, chura,  ladoo, gud ladoo, kheer, khichdi etc.


3) West Bengal:

In Bengal many festive delicacies made with the freshly harvested paddy and date palm jaggery (or Khejurer Gur). This form of jaggery is available only for a brief spell in winters. Dudh puli (coconut-jaggery stuffed dumplings), payesh, patishapta are some of the desserts prepared on this auspicious day.

4) Maharashtra:

Maharashtrians prepare a round of sweets and delicacies with til and jaggery like Puran polo and tilachi lad. While feeding tilachi ladoo to family and friends as a greeting they say “til gud ghyaa, and goad bola”, which means eat til (sesame) and gud (jaggery) and speak well.


5) Karnataka:

Makar Sankranti is also called Suggi in Karnataka. On this day, girls wear new, beautiful clothes pay the visit to her friends and family with a plate of Sankranti offerings. This ritual is called “Ellu Birodhu”, the plate generally consists of white sesame seeds mixed with fried groundnuts, dried coconut and jaggery. The plate also contains Sakkare Acchu a special kind of sugar candy and a piece of sugar cane.

All this is so much fun, right

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