How to Start your own boutique without Shop or Space?

Start-up Checklist: Things-to-do if you’re starting a boutique of your own!

Starting something of your own is exciting, but it’s also demanding. You need to be constantly on your toes and deal with a hundred things simultaneously. An ambitious entrepreneur should believe in oneself but also shall be able to deal with challenges that life throws in the way. What shall be the driving point? Passion for work.

If you’re all set to start your own business, here are a few tips to keep in mind before taking the plunge.

1)Decide what type of boutique you want to open

From a high-end fashion boutique that can sell clothes from top designers to a modern fashion boutique that sells popular brands. Which one should it be is totally your call. Want to open a boutique of your own? Well, who knows you could be the next Manish Malhotra or the First of Your Name 😉

2) Love your Idea and Start Small

If you won’t believe in your little notion, nobody will. Be passionate about what you do and you’ll come out with flying colors. ‘Go big or Go Home’ isn’t always a great advice. Don’t be impatient to have it all at once. Work for the growth, step by step.

3) Evaluate the Competition in your area

Does anything like your idea already exist in your area? Are you solving a problem with your business or creating one for yourself? Market research shall be a to-do thing before you put your blood and sweat.

4) Draw up a Business Plan and Acquire the Capital.

Sort out the tricks of the trade before you start your own venture. Go into the deep and discover how the industry you’re stepping into works. For the loan,you can either speak to your bank about a small business loan or speak to private investors about putting up the capital for your start-up.

5) Name, Trademark, Legal Actions

There are a ton of legal processes that are involved in beginning something new from deciding on a name, trademarking it to registering a domain and business. Make sure to get all the legal formalities done in time.

6) Find the venue and furnish it

Once you’ve decided to give it a go, design and furnish both the exterior and the interior well. Eye-catchy look of the store is important, but DO NOT overdo it. Make sure it’s in an area that provides enough traffic to bring sufficient customers to the store.

7) Hire Interns And Freelancers To Help

If you are in a money crunch and can’t afford full-time employees, get yourself interns and freelancers who are looking for the exposure that a start-up can give them and that can turn out to be a win-win situation for both.

8)Advertise: Online and Offline!

Exhibition stalls are the best way to get customers to your boutique. Don’t know how to put up a stall of your store pieces? Don’t Worry! BookMyStall has got your back! Browse and follow the instructions:

  • Create an event.
  • Select City, Venue, Start Date, End Date, Number of stalls etc.., as asked in the form.

This way you can spread the word about your store by putting up stalls at not only your city but also in many other cities. The more the number of stalls, the more your business will run.

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