A flea market by any other name—local bazaar, community sales or yard sale—will always be the ultimate example of free, or free-wheeling, enterprise. Any and all can wander along the stalls and socialize, fondle the merchandise, eat and drink, listen to music, and even shop.

  1. The Flea market basic idea is to provide a good platform for creative people, designers, and artists where they can interact and showcase.
  2. The flea market plays an important role in the community as a place for vendors and neighbours to gather and to socialize
  3. This gives an opportunity for young Enterpurners and Craftsmen from other states to earn an income and at the same time offer hand-crafted goods to the shoppers at reasonable prices.
  4. People and cultural diversity represent a significant part of flea markets advantages, providing for the human need of social interaction and communication.
    5. In the flea market business owner sells products and/or services supplied by a franchise company or created by the owner.