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Kalamkari Modern Designs in Exhibitions

KALAMKARI – A tradition & Modern Outfit


Nowadays Kalamkari is a Trendy as well Traditional Outfit for both Men & Women. Let us have a look at their Origin & Art of Printing Kalamkari Modern Designs in Exhibitions.In India these designs and Arts are Originated in Andhra Pradesh, Particularly Machilipatnam & Srikalahasti is main for manufacturing. Srikalahasti is the main centre for Kalamkari Production because it has a Clean Source of Water.It gives the source to 1000’s of Rural Women & Craftsmen & this Kalamkari art is continuous passing from 1 Generation to next.
Internation Market also has more demand on Kalamkari Paintings & Arts.

Advantages :
Usage of the wide range of Harmful Chemicals nowadays This Product is free from Artificial Chemicals and produced beautiful fabrics.

You can purchase these Kalamkari Printed Kurtas, sarees and Duppatas etc in Many stores as Well in Many Lifestyle Exhibitions.

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