Tips to follow while participating in Tech Park Events

Though Tech parks are the most preferred places for the stall exhibitors as they have an amazing response with all the employees as visitors, there are few measures to be followed after booking stall in there.

  1. Identity Proof – One must definitely carry their identity proof like Aadhar / PAN / Driving License. This checking will be taken part while you enters into main gate/service gates of Tech Parks.
  2. Vehicle Insurance- If you are travelling by your own transport or Cabs, that Vehicle’s insurance papers and related documents need to be carried. This is must because we need to carry our products/stuff to event location.
  3. Names in List: If you have booked stall in event, share the names of your team who attends to event location. Organizer will list-out all person names, respective product categories, and send the information to Techparks. Security team will allow you only if the details are matched in list.
  4. Persons Attending: Ask Organizer that how many members can come along with you. Most of the times, the limit of the head count for event is 30 single persons.
  5. Supporting Partner: In most of the cases, single person can’t able to manage all the things happens at our stall. Better to go with your partner or supporting co-member.
  6. Parking- This information we need to verify with Organizer whether we can able to park our vehicles inside the Techparks or not. Parking slots are different for each locations. (Hyderabad’s Waverock SEZ is strictly not allowing exhibitors to park the vehicles)


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