Planet Of Cookies 2018 Exhibition in Bangalore

Honey joys… cake pops… chocolate crackles…!

Do you want them??

Delicious Cookies “Planet Of Cookies” Visit these 40 kingdoms filled cupcakes&cookies; for you can ask each king their favourite soldier and enjoy their lip-smacking delicious cookies all in one place…

In the world of baking, cookies are children’s favourite.¬†They can be yum breakfast, or a birthday treat…

One event that brings all the latest happenings in the cookie world is “Planet of Cookies” and it is happening right here in Bangalore!!! A fun-filled two event that has freshly baked content :p

It is all in here…With forty stalls that serve freshly baked chocolate draped cookies, you can be sure to savour yourself with a variety of flavours…

To make this event even more interesting, all the bakers are invited to be a part of Cookie contest to get exciting prizes. The winner also has a chance to auction their cookies!! The tasting will start then and there and our jury of experienced bakers in the city decide the best…

A team of hot-shot bakers are here to help the baking enthusiasts on how to get started. What better chance to have one-on-one interaction than to indulge in chocolate-draping workshops??

How can we leave our Bowbow and Fletcher alone at home?

There are exclusive cookies for our friendly pets and other animals too.

This is a wonderful world filled with chocolates and butter. To get oneself noticed, always reach out to the right audience.With the cookie fest happening, the vendors and exhibitors can exploit their chance to market their cookies. You might never know if your cookies might become Bangalore’s must have on Martha Stewart’s blog !! :p


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