Valentines Flea at BookMyStall

Valentines Flea at BookMyStall:

With Valentine’s week just around the corner, most of the sweethearts are already engrossed in what to do for their significant others. To be most honest, apart from the lovebirds’ people who have to admire their significant others might be mourning over their unrequited love and pondering as to how to let them know on this valentines day.
Whatever the reason may be, most of the people just want to make their loved ones feel extremely special on that single day.

The celebration of Love at BookMyStall

Gone are the days where this ancestral tradition used to stick to public places like a dreamy garden surrounded by lush roses. A fun way to now celebrate valentines is to do it right at your workplace!

1. Stick to a dress code. You’ve guessed it right! Red is the answer.
2. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Spice up your workplace with some interesting games.
3. Well, love knows no gender, colour, caste or creed. Just go around and compliment people in your workplace and make them feel loved. Trust me you may never know when you could get lucky! Wink wink
4. This valentines, stick to making your people feel loved and nothing can be better than going for a secret cupid. Encourage people in your office to practise this.

Rather than blindly following it as a tradition, this Valentine’s season let’s get closer to the people we love and make them feel super special.

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