What is BMS Verified in BookMyStall ?

Thinking that BookMyStall has something new to say? Ofcourse yes ! we have lot more to share with you. And this time we came up with the news that BookMyStall is taking responsibility to understand our customers more and support them an extra mile more.

We from BookMyStall has started to know more about our customers through Know Your Customer(KYC) for Organizers which is enabling us the transparent communication, Organizers can build the most reliable network and Stall Exhibitors to choose the trusted users of BookMyStall.

What is the procedure ?

  1. The Organizer would share his KYC details with BookMyStall
  2. Team of BookMyStall checks and verifies the Organizer details.
  3. The verified users by BookMyStall are mentioned in the portal stating as BMS Verified.

How can this be useful ?

  1. Organizer can find the most reliable network.
  2. Stall Exhibitors can have the trusted Organizers to proceed with the payments.
  3. Removal of Fake Event Organizers

Happy Booking stall, BookMyStall is always  there to help and support the smooth flow of Exhibitions, Trade fairs and Flea markets. We understand you and we always stand for you !

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