Winning Preneur Story 4 – BookMyStall

Winning Preneur Story 4 – BookMyStall:

Imagine yourself to be travelling somewhere and one site that always strikes to your mind would undoubtedly be! One of the most superior and trustworthy brands in India has a large and loyal customer base, a multi-channel platform for leisure and business travellers all across the nation.

Since their inception in 2006, more than 7 million customers have used one or more of their comprehensive travel-related services, which include domestic and international air ticketing, hotel bookings, homestays, holiday packages, bus ticketing, rail ticketing, activities and ancillary services.

Winning Preneur Story 4

Co-founded in the year 2006 by Sabina Chopra, a positive entrepreneur in the Indian market. Before rendering her services as the COO of she headed India based operations of ebookers. Having completed her education in Delhi, she went on to have an exceptional experience of 16 years where she has put her skills such as operations management, business development, strategic developer, online marketing etcetera to test.
Having all this within her she has won the Women of the decade award in innovation and enterprise, Women Leadership Award for Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism sector. She also stood in top 10 notable women in the Indian E-commerce Ecosystem. She won the Woman Leader in Travel and Tourism in the year 2010. She was also featured amongst the 10 most viewed profiles in India in the Internet Industry.

This woman has made it easy for people to reach destinations of their choice with her brainchild

-Jonah Watts

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