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Women Entrepreneur Story 3 BookMyStall:

Running out of options is never an end mark for someone who has a zeal to achieve bigger plans. Similar was a situation for the World-Wide known, Chumbak.

Chumbak CEO

The intentions of CEO were quite solid of putting the Colours and Design approach of representing India to the travellers that can take back as a token of Love towards India. This concept of changing and showing the way India is shown in terms of Design is captured in their products. Thus, achieving this is possible on a higher dimension by carrying out the same and placing it on World-Map. The fact is quite intriguing when a decision that led to launching a lifestyle brand in 2009 in Bangalore that has not taken a slight hesitation or blink before selling their house to raise money. Undoubtedly, it proved out to be a worthy risk when she has taken a stance of working the vision into a scalable aspect. And then with time, the venture she truly believed started making the mark.

From there, the only Chadda who after receiving $2 million in initial funding helped them to establish and now they are boosted towards the second round of funding. Their online presence also contains Name lifestyle products – bags, phone covers, key chains, wallets, etc – that are colourful and attractive and chances are you will find these at Chumbak, Chumbak has stepped with 150 stores in India and 70 in Japan and has acknowledged as the hottest lifestyle product brand also by making a strong presence on E-commerce.

Over the next eight years, Chadda (co-founder and head of products) and Prabhakar (39, founder and CEO) built Chumbak into a lifestyle destination with 20 large-format stores in 11 cities, dabbling in everything from home decor to fashion and personal care.

Not that floating Chumbak was a cakewalk. Chumbak, says Chadda, has grown into a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Having bagged the license for single-brand retail in 2017, apart from ₹80 crore in a funding round led by Gaja Capital, Chumbak aims to open 25 more large-format stores in 2018.

Being a parent and a wife, yet she has elevated her commitment for the venture and had successfully stayed through thick and thin and swayed her ideologies.

– Jonah Watts 


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