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Women Entrepreneur Story 2:

This Millennium envisions of making all their ideas vocal and they stretch to make it as the biggest of the happening. Thanks to the humongous market that is welcoming and hoping for the betterment on a regular basis.

Ruby Ashraf

In order to achieve and master the ideologies, they make clear efforts by making ways with a bunch of “ Know How, Rule Books”. While back in the time – It had taken real push for the people that would give a Nudge for the person to courage up and pursue their dreams and choices. The major positives that had laid a foundation was – her family that was successfully running a business and this provided her suggestable insights, attitude to build her goal into the well-known venture.

Similar was Ruby, owning Precious Formals got noticed with her bagging the title ‘Best Dressed Girl’ of the batch always. In fact, the uniqueness was carried as she designs her own clothes. That hobby continued and she wore one such dress to a Xmas party at the university. The dress really got noticed. People said, “You have a real talent, you should be selling these dresses!”

However, there were clearly not much of sources which were speaking the knowledge on apparels. Yet, she has not stopped there and graced it with her own case study. She travelled across America, visiting retail stores to understand fashion trends, what was selling and where her own niche might be. This has given her rise to her company Precious Formals, one of the leading suppliers of prom dresses in America. This was a big hit and received applause.

The clothing stylist Ruby, a $10 million company in the fashion clothing business totally turned her hobby of designing clothes into a flourishing business.

 -Jonah Watts 


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