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Women In Business Story 16 – BookMyStall:

Gone are the days where we used to manually get work done. This is the era of machines and Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by a storm. One organization working on Artificial Intelligence and taking it to top notches is Mad Street Den. It is a Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence Company building the AI architecture of the future.

Women In Business

Co-founded by Ashwini Asokan and Dr Anand Chandrasekaran in the year 2009, it has been growing leaps and bounds since then. Ashwini has been pivotal in teaching machines to behave like that of a human. She started her career with the leading mobile innovation platform, Intel in Silicon Valley. After that, together they both came back to India and started working on their company of Artificial Intelligence today which is known as Mad Street Den.

She is a product designer and cultural researcher. Working across San Francisco, New York, India & London, her team has been known to build some of the most cutting-edge AI products for Retail giants. As a product leader, she works at the intersection of socio-cultural and technological systems, exploring how Artificial Intelligence can be brought out of the Science and Tech labs of the world, applied meaningfully and made accessible to billions of people across the globe through the customers she works with.

She is also the founder and CEO of which is the retail industry’s leading artificial intelligence platform that promises Intelligent Retail Automation. Using Image Recognition & Data Science. extracts product data from images, analyses it with user behaviour helping different retail teams make better, faster decisions.

Tom Hobbs the Director, product design at Facebook went on to say, “She engages in frank, open dialogue and always encourages constructive, critical discussion that strives to do the ‘right-the- thing’ and push for the best.”

Her company’s mission is to build models of generalizable intelligence on the scale, that can be deployed through meaningful applications across industries to billions of people across the globe.

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